One of Michigan’s Best Communities to Live

Welcome to Plymouth Township

Plymouth Township is one of the most scenic and luxurious areas within Wayne County. With tree-lined streets and beautiful parks, and a gorgeous downtown, it’s no secret why CNN Money and  Area Vibes named the city on its top 100 with livability scores of A+ for great schools, safe neighborhoods, and strong work and business climates. Our neighborhood is centrally located to southeast Michigan’s best shopping, dining and entertainment venues, the city is becoming a destination for active seniors.

Stroll and shop in charming downtown Plymouth which is only a 5-6 minute drive from our neighborhood. Hike or bike the trails along the river to view some of the most scenic parks. Or catch a game at University of Michigan, we are only roughly a 20 minute drive off M-14 from the big house.

Verona Park of Plymouth

Verona Park Detached Condos
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