Basement Options

Learn and view our options for finished basements

Let’s build your basement into a functional space unique to you and your family’s hobbies and interests. Design an exclusive work area, a spot to cheer on your favorite sports team or make all spaces flow for the ultimate entertaining setup. A finished basement adds a lot of extra living space and can increase the value of your home. Best of all, you’ll enjoy the time you and your family get to spend in a newly finished basement.

Turning your basement into a beautiful, fully functioning space is a big project. We’ve divided it into three parts – planning, design, and construction – each of which is an important part of the process. Take a preview of the finished basement plans we currently offer.

Full Kitchen W/ Bedroom

When you love entertaining and your primary kitchen can no longer handle your big plans (or the big guest list!), it might be a good idea to consider building a kitchen in your basement space. Alternatively, if you’re trying to expand options for living space in your home, adding a full kitchen with an additional bedroom can be a great way to do so!

1 beds – 1 baths – 1 full kitchen – 1,168 Square Feet

Finished Basement W/ Kitchenette & Bedroom

Basements are a versatile space that you can use for many purposes. One of our unique floor plans we are offering is a kitchenette with an additional bed and bath. What we like about this plan is that this space has the potential for you to use it in many other ways. With a kitchenette you can add a whole floor space create good family living and entertaining. You could have this as a large family room, or divide the space into separate rooms, such as a TV room, a study, bedroom and a playroom. With each of these options, a kitchenette is a great addition as you will not need to go back upstairs to make drinks or prepare a basic meal.

1 beds – 1 baths – 1 kitchenette – 1,160 Square Feet

Finished Basement W/ Bedroom & Office

Finished basements in a house design are a terrific way to expand your living space and offer your family more living areas without adding an addition to the house plan you selected. This featured basements can be finished to become a casual living space, with an additional bedroom and home office space. With every finished basement we build, when we incorporate bedrooms into a finished basement, we ensure that means of egress are installed, such as egress windows on standard and that day lights and walk-out basements have a door or window accessing the outdoors in order to pass local and national fire codes.

1 beds – 1 baths – Additional Bedroom & Office – 1,146 sqft

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